The new Online Booking feature is a module, which is coming as a package. The software license will help you to increase sales business to operate 24 hours a day, 7 365 days a week. You have the option to include treatments available booked online, you have the ability to make lists and give to the ability to enable your customers to book the meeting everywhere, anywhere and anytime, from any device you can choose the place you wish to book. You can choose the category, or the treatment if you wish to book a treatment, a course package series of procedures, a membership or even purchase a product online. The booking module is coming with a default template, but you can customize the logo to change the colors that are representative for your brand. You can change the steps, you can even remove the steps or use one of the available templates we have on the spot. Here is an example of what it looks like in to book an appointment: the customer will go and select the category, the treatment they wish to book. They can even choose a therapist from the list if they want to book a specific treatment with this therapist. At the meeting they can choose various appointments and booking more meetings at once with the same therapist or with a different therapist. You can click on so the system will search for the availability of training slots. You can define and determine how much places you want to have available per day or per week to hold more meetings in the business and the customer will choose the date they like. After you select the correct slot, the system will enable the client to log into their account. If you would like to join and book an appointment, just fill out the contact form details. If you want to create an account, you will have access to our newest features. You can even customize the fields and specify which fields you want. The last step is where you have to pay. Of course you might add notes, questions and a coupon code if you have one. You can write the coupon from the social media code and get an instant discount. You also have the posibility to allow the your customer to pay on arrival, with card, paypal or pay directly. You can set a deposit for the treatments you provide or let your customers book online. You can ask them to pay the total price, you can set a deposit or you can specify the payment for each treatment. The customer can choose how they would like to pay, even if you target different nationalities depending on the country in which you are. Of course you have the opportunity to allow your customers to change the language when booking online and you have access to all the languages ​​of the world and choose the specific language to make it easier for the customer to book online from any device. Of course you also have terms you can update and a 24 hours reminder. The system will automatically take care of sending the customer, via SMS, text or email that you can customize, additional reminders. You can also allow your customers to reschedule the meeting with more than 48 hours in advance. For example, if you click on Pay on arrival, you can see the scheduled meeting, you have the available treatments you can buy. To make a new appointment, you go to My appointments, where you can even buy a product. On the left side of the top you can sell your products online. After you check your appointments you can book a course if you enter My meetings in the online portal, and this is what your customer will see. Reiterate that this is what your customer wants and you have the opportunity to customize it all in the left sidebar: you can decide what you want to have, the features available to your customer, or you can toggle everyone on and off. As you can see, they can update their contact details, see their barcode of the course password change, the live chat with access to the front desk appointment history, the course packages sessions for purchases, including the products and all balance of the payment account. You can check the files you want to upload They can look at vouchers they have, the memberships they purchased and what is included in the membership or not. You can see the phone history with any forms they have signed. If you send them a link, they can sign the form online before logging in. The costumers have a forwarding function which can refer to their friends and pick up a bonus or a free treatment, or they have the ability to check all orders that are placed in the store. You can see when you set up your laser courses, packages- which is a series of procedures, the number of sessions and the number of installments that you can determine. For example, you can select the customer who will buy a course and will pay in eight installments For staff member you can book the meeting. You can see in the system how they look in your calendar. The customer will see when they book the online appointment once they click on Pay on arrival again. Thus, you have the data, the rest that remains to be paid in time of the visit and you can access My appointments and see Join the sessions, View Active and Paid courses: for example, Laser course of four session full body, Back, shoulders and neck - one hour, Total session duration, Sessions left date, Total price and installments. If you want to pay in full, you can see that session one is reserved, but not used and then you can book the following sessions in advance. If you switch to the calendar side, you will see what the therapist sees in Reception calendar. You can also see the history and if you enter into Calendar, you have a customer who is booked. At the bottom of the page you have the Review tool, that the customer has reserved. You will easily see that the customer has booked various treatments. When the customer arrives, by following the steps explained before you can update the status and the course. You can process the payment, so the color changes. The system will automatically take care of the automatic reminders, answer Yes to the answer or No to cancel. If the customer wishes to pay, simply click on it. The system will add the meeting, so the customer receives the receipt in their account. You can customize the Booking platform, if you decide: which procedures you want to use, which course membership packages, or if you want to sell products in gift cards.