Do you have a referral program in your Clinic? If not, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking for referrals.
Here’s why:
Clinic referrals narrow down a future customer’s choices, there has never been more clinics for a client to choose from.

A prospect client is more likely to visit a clinic that was recommended by a friend – it has everything to do with trust.

Referrals work for you and are a way of saying “don’t take our word for it!” The referral user gets discount on treatments based on how many referrals has. More referrals, more discounts and free treatments.

Referral admin area

Search "referral" in admin area and press the"Referral schemes" button.

From this page you can edit the referral schemes.

  1. Press the “Add new” button to add a new referral schemes.
  2. Press the “Edit” button to edit an existing referral schemes.
  3. Press the “Delete” button to delete  an existing referral schemes.