Admin area coupon codes:

Search in admin area "coupon" and press the "coupon codes" button.

1.To add a new coupon code, press the "Add New" button.

2. To edit an existing coupon code, press the "Edit" button.

3. To delete an existing coupon code, press the  "Delete" button.

With the Coupon codes feature, you can increase sales, target identification, the market and the customers wishes. You must be in contact with the target market and understand its needs. Price is not an issue, it is essential to understand your market purpose. That means you need to know exactly what your customers are looking for in choosing certain products and services. If you are happy with the results of your marketing strategy content , with promoting your procedures and products, then you should get into the habit of searching different ways to increase your sales. 



For example, you can use the Coupon codes to increase sales as well as satisfied customers. That is the ultimate goal. You can create Coupon codes so  your customers have the opportunity to use them for their friends and family. You can share the Coupon codes with your customers, so they can use them when making online reservations. Also, you can promote Coupon codes on social media: you have the option to provide discounts and percentage, to determine availability, duration and the Coupon code expiration date. You can click on Add New Coupon Code, determining the Coupon code usage as a delimiter. You can specify the type of coupon that you would like to create, as a percentage discount or promotion percent on availability, if you want to target all customers, or a certain number of customers.



You can also specify in the Coupon code the period of time it can be used in, for one or for several years. When you add a Coupon code, you can specify which procedures would you like to target and if the coupon code is applicable to all treatments, or just to a specific treatment. These are the standard procedures that you can target through packages of procedures or courses, which are session based. You can target courses based on protocols. The last step - your clients can use Coupon codes to get a big discount, so you can share them on your social media accounts, on your website and you can even print them on your marketing materials. Use the Coupon codes as a way to increase your sales and bookings.