From this page, you can merge client accounts.

To access this page press the “Edit” (1) button from the client profile and then press "Merge Clients" (2).

The system will automatically find duplicate accounts that contain the same email address and display them in the “Select Account” drop box.

If you wish to specify the secondary client account manually, enter the account ID in the “Enter ID” field and press the “Find Account by ID” button, the secondary account details will load in the bottom half of the page.

Complete the merger by pressing the “Merge Client Accounts” button from the bottom of the page.

Please allow from some time for this operation to complete and do not leave this page during the operation. When the accounts are merged the activity of the secondary account is moved to the primary account and the secondary account is deleted.

Only the staff with manager rights can perform this operation.

A login window will open asking you to confirm your credentials.