To access this page press the “Clinic Notes” button from the client profile.

From this page, you can view, add, edit and remove clinic notes.

To add a new clinic note, press the “New Note” button.

To select an existing template click the dropbox "Pick a Template", select your template and click the "Insert" button and save the changes.


To edit or delete existing clinic notes use the “Edit” and “Delete” buttons from the right side of the note.

To print clinic notes or to find appointment images use the “Print” and “Images buttons from the right side of the note.

To email these notes to your client or to your staff use the “Email client” and “Email staff" buttons from the right side of the note.


To create a new clinic note template search in admin area "Clinic note templates" and press the "Clinic note templates" button.

  1. Press the “Add new” button to add a new clinic note template.
  2. Press the “Edit” button to edit an existing clinic note template.
  3. Press the “Delete” button to delete an existing clinic note template.