To access this page press the “Clinic Notes” button from the client profile.

From this page, you can view, add, edit and remove clinic notes.

To add a new clinic note, press the “New Note” button.

To select an existing template click the dropbox "Pick a Template", select your template and click the "Insert" button and save the changes.


To edit or delete existing clinic notes use the “Edit” and “Delete” buttons from the right side of the note.

To print clinic notes or to find appointment images use the “Print” and “Images buttons from the right side of the note.

To email these notes to your client or to your staff use the “Email client” and “Email staff" buttons from the right side of the note.


To create a new clinic note template search in admin area "Clinic note templates" and press the "Clinic note templates" button.

  1. Press the “Add new” button to add a new clinic note template.
  2. Press the “Edit” button to edit an existing clinic note template.
  3. Press the “Delete” button to delete an existing clinic note template.

The next function is clinic notes for the cleaning nodes you have opportunities to using templates which will save you a lot of time. from writing knots to letters to documents you can easily to have a ready and finished template. only what is applicable to this species skin or that client quite simple you can enter the data and just press one add button then you will know which note is added in customer activity so the next time the customer is you have all the clinical notes related to online dating function we are able to write down of my meeting notes that will help you at a later stage to better convert this one customer and you can write meeting notes nice customer interested in reservation the treatment As soon as possible then the reception or can track that customer and if we go and look in the chronology you will be able to see the upcoming ones meetings and if you scroll down you'll be able to look reset you will be able to check the whole story again the more you scroll, the more you'll find for this customer what's the secret to selling more and making money your customers are happy. just double check their purchase history and all the activity and your own you will know the needs of the customers and theirs levels to add what interests them. in on the left side you have ability to access the profile of the customer with all his personal data. information about their interest profile email and any custom fields you may have. of course you can access theirs voucher shop and their order history you have a list of all receipts how how much they paid, when and what they paid for at the same time you can see exactly content of the receipt or the content of the invoice you have the option to automatically print and send to invoices and by email if you scroll up you will see the other functions like membership and courses if you click on courses you will be able to to see exactly how many courses there are in their account and how much they paid, if they paid in full and what is theirs level in real time available session annual sessions and a final buying session you have a resume, you have ability to track the number of sessions. as you can see you have history and you have the opportunity to tracking the number of remaining sessions. and how many of them were used in the same time if we scroll down you will be able to see history as every course is with a clear identifier you can see which area is being treated. for laser removal of hands and how much sessions are available if you go to the next one functional contributions for the same course you can follow in in real time how many installments were paid as you can see here at right side plus how many installments are left until to be paid and you can easily see the view you can track unlimited number of clients with unlimited number of courses and each course will be divided of installments and sessions which is their availability and how did they use how much did they leave in installments their payments if you start selling and accepting payments and installments for packages on what are the courses you can to significantly increase cash flow. imagine that why we are still paying for our houses mortgages and from our cars and installments it is a strategy behind law so instead of standard high price for a course that not everyone can do to afford you can start accepting contributions for your treatment packages etc. people will be able to afford with many paying customers in installments is the same as like customers who pay daily and in full thus you can increase the sales how about you actually can to accept the payment with one advance payment and your session will always be paid in in advance before the client's arrival. for treatment this is another way to increase sales you can also track courses which are based on minute-based sessions you can track power machines stunning courses red light courses you can add a treatment plus record you can update your profile picture the client so when it scans membership card you have a clear idea of ​​who they are. back to profile you will be able to see the membership section too if you get on the membership list you will be able to track an unlimited number number of memberships and you can set up a payment on the go so you can see the availability of how many memberships they have what is a membership you ask membership is a fixed amount which the customer will pay every month. and they will receive membership benefits membership benefits may include a certain number of procedures of month even one or more aftercare products audio notes you have the keyboard to record this with your notes and this will be recorded in customer account nice and easy notes and letters from the clinic on the website what does this function do it enables you to to writing and using templates for letters in clinical nodes with one click of a button you can insert the template use the template to to save time and finish that only with the particulars that are accordingly for this customer treatment to access the clinic notes and letters to be received from the client or the already selected patient and click the button at the top of the notes and letters, which will open the client profile and note history and completed letters specifically for this patient to create a new letter or a new new notice that it is simple to go to the top add new notes letter or if you are already on this page, press the button new note button on the right side as you can see, as I have on what you see is what you get an editor where I can easy use and type all i want i can insert pictures diagrams Everything related to clinic notes and letters however if i want to save time i can start using the templates we begin and then I can use the search field select the template you want to click the insert button and the template is already there i have the opportunity to update the template Please note the patient has sensitive skin then I can easily press the button and this will be recorded in customer account and of course i can then print it i can edit i can email to customer email to staff even an email to the doctor or to the hospital if we work with hospital and as you can see you have templates here and the full name of the staff will be you automatically extract doctor name from the database client name and surname all data about you can include personal data as date of birth of assigning a place a nice and easy name at the address of the office name of the doctor and of course, the signature at the bottom you can personalize the letter and send the letter with one click at the same time you can send letter automatically if you want to set this in the system, you just have to ask support department regarding templates if you are switching to you have the option to add your templates and prepare it in advance. and then you just have to use it. with your colleagues, with your team, so you can list the hundred templates for example, as you can see, we have a clinic node templates and the corresponding letters for the different types of procedures such as treatment