"Braintree" is a payment service by PayPal where they give you the capability to take payments from cards and you will be able to see only the last 4 digits of the card and charge the client if you need to do this.

Braintree is a great payment integration which is connected in real time with the software, where you can track transactions, payment methods and you can enter the customer details using Braintree encrypted storage, servers and terminals. This way,  you can save the data of the customer who uses the brand riots platforms for embroidery and process payment cards together with Braintree.


Also, we have other great integrations and we officially partnered with paypal, for direct debits. You can pursue car payments, paypal net banks and process with stand-alone payment machine that is connected in real time with the software, via Internet. So you have multiple payment methods for which you can use another payment method and payment partners, in any country.