To modify an appointment, click on the “Edit” button from the “Appointment Details” window:

Each appointment type will have a different treatment list:
E.g. You can only modify service appointments by removing or adding new services.

To remove a treatment from the treatments list, lick on the treatment and then press the “REMOVE FROM LIST” button.

To add a new treatment to the list, click on the “Select Service/Course” drop box and then select the service/course. You can also search for the required treatments.

Services /courses already present in the appointment will be prefixed with “*” in the treatments list and the “Select service/course” drop box.

You can also edit the title and notes fields located on the left column of the window.
Press the “Save Changes” button to modify the appointment.

When you modify the treatments list of an appointment that has already been paid, the system will refund the receipt and change the appointment status back to “Booked” automatically.