To access the quotes page, search in admin area "Quotes"

From this page, you can download and issue new quotes.

To filter quotes by number, date and client name use the list filter field located on the top-right section of the page

The quotes list displays 10 quotes per page, to change the page, select the page from the pagination drop box.

To print/download the quote, click on the quote and from the "Pick an option" drop box menu,  select "Open in a new tab" option and click "Ok".




To add a new quote press the top-right “Add Quote” button.



To select an existing customer from the database, use the “Search Customer” field.


Click on the field and type the customer name or phone number select it from the resulting list.

To specify quotes notes, use the notes field located in the bottom section of the page.





Notice that the customer details were automatically copied to the quote page.

To add a service/product present in the database to the quote items list, select the service from the “Add Service” drop box and then press the “Add service” button next to it.

To remove an item from the quote, press the "Remove" button.

Finalize the quote by pressing the “Save ” button at Step 7.