From this page, you can set up promotions that appear in the main "PROMOTIONS" page. The promotions represent a bundle of services, courses and products with a discount applied per bundle.


To add a new promotion, open the "Promotions" page from the admin area and the press the “Add New” button from the bottom section of the page.

From this page, we can select the location, specify the promotion title and discount percentage.
Complete the action by pressing the “Add Promotion” button.

After the promotion has been added, you will be redirected to the promotions list page.
We can now add the items (services, courses and products).

To do this press the “Edit” button of the promotion.

Share coupon codes in social media that clients can use when they book online the next appointment. Each coupon code is coming with an expiring date you ca set to win the customer pressure of time and bring more bookings.

Search in admin area "coupon" and press the "Coupon Codes" button. To add a new coupon code, press the "Add New" button.


Promotions represent groups of services, products and courses with a discounted price.



Promotions are defined on a location basis.


A promotion that contains one or more products out of stock cannot be added to the receipt list. Products out of stock will be listed in red colour. A promotion item price discount is not cumulative with other receipt discounts (customer and manual discount). Promotions in the receipt list are listed in blue colour followed by promotion title with the calculated discounted price value listed in red. If an item from a promotion is removed then all other items from that promotion will be removed and added again as normal items.


another great tool is the promotions in the promotions section you can making of personalized promotions for businesses to improve sales the promotion may include a service. course product treatment or combination and conjunction between these two even membership one of the keys marketers can improve their sales through using the promotions feature can use it through the traditional means but with the help of the digital ones marketing promotion of online business this can conversion and make them more effective for yours business and you can use different promotions channels with powerful tools combined with social media to help you promote your procedures and products promotions are an effective way to engage with your audience and market your products and services with all necessary data they help you deal with yours current and future customers to overcome issues related to reality and provide clear message about what is included in the offers and what not we don't have to think about these promotions as a substitute for product and treatment you have however for a certain period of time with psychologically time pressure you can promote big packages and yes can increase your sales this is a good idea and a good suggestion to do a little research before you create promotion and customer search purchase history behavior plus will offer to create a promotion strategy before it is important to know how long this promotion is available how long is the customer is the period of time in which promotion expires to buy your product or service. of course you can target existing ones customers with the promotions class you can purpose leads potential clients and you can use segments of them. customers to promotion order simple add to map all promotion then you have possibility to check if the product is in in stock or out of stock you have a discount that is in this example 40 the customer will save 85.80 and a total of 134.20 so this is a good deal and a good example to order a promotion for one of yours Customers simply click Add to Cart the promotion will be added in card with the discount price which in this example comes with 39 percent total 82 35 and the customer saves 50 to 65 years. if you enter the map you will be able to see that the customer is to pay only 82.35 then of course we you can click cash or card and if we look at the map, you will be to see the original price of the product total sum and the applied discount I will process the payment in this example 8235