From this page, we can set up the consumables for each treatment (service/course/patch-test).

To search for a particular treatment in the list, use the list filter field.
The field is focused by default when you enter the page so you can type in directly the treatment name.

This page by default will list all treatments in the system; it can be configured to show only the treatments of a particular type (services, courses, patch tests) by selecting the type from the “All Treatments” drop box located on the top of the page.

Consumables are also bound to a particular location.
By default the system selects the location that you are currently logged in.
To change the location, click on the location drop box from the top right and select the location.

For each item, we list the type, title and number of configured consumables (products).

To view the consumables list of treatment, press the “Consumables” button of the treatment.

From this page, you can add, modify and remove consumables for the selected treatment.

To search for a particular consumable within the page, use the “Filter List” field (focused by default).

To manage the consumables of the selected treatment for a different location, use the location drop box located on the top right section of the page.

To add a new consumable to the selected treatment, press the “Add New” button located in the top-left section of the page.


The “Storage Room” specified the storage room that is selected by default inside the “Appointment Consumables” window from the Day Book.

The “Enforce selected storage room (deduct stock only from this storage room)” checkbox will lock down the storage room selection inside the “Appointment Consumables” window from the Day Book.

You can specify the recommended quantity to be used per appointment session in units or as a percentage of the product.

The recommended values are filled in automatically in the “Appointment Consumables” window from the Day Book. The staff makes the final decision of which amount of each product was used when allocating the consumables.

The “Use / session (ml)” and “Use / session (%)” are linked together.
When you type in the “Use / session (ml)” field the “Use / session (%)” field will be filled in automatically and vice-versa.

Press the “Add Consumables” button to add the consumable.

To edit a treatment consumable, from the treatment’s consumables page press the “Edit” button.


From this page you can change the default storage room, enforce it and specify the recommended quantity to be used from the product per appointment session.

Complete the changes by pressing the “Save Changes” button.