In order to create a new task, you will need to access the "Tasks" feature by clicking on this button:

Once you have pressed on the "Tasks" button this menu will open up:


From there press the green button labelled "Add New Task" in order to add a new task:

Once you have pressed the "Add New Task" button you should be greeted by this menu:


Fill in those fields accordingly:


Once you have completed the fields, at the bottom you have 3 different check-boxes. Ticking the first check box will make the task visible only to the member of staff that the task has been assigned to. You can tick the other 2 check boxes if you'd like for the member of staff to receive SMS/Email reminder about their task. Please note that if you tick either "Email reminder" or "SMS reminder", a new field will appear where you will be able to set the time when you would like to receive the reminder.


Here is an example of a completed task: 

In order to add the task, simply press the button labelled "Add Task".