To send an email to your client you have to type the email or create a template first. To create an email template or an SMS template, search in admin area “Marketing emails” or "Marketing SMS"

This will open the marketing emails or sms template page.

  1. Press the “Add new” button to add a new template.
  2. Press the “Edit” button to edit an existing  template.
  3. Press the “Delete” button to delete an existing template.

In order to access our database of Email or SMS templates, please open the “Marketing emails” or "Marketing SMS" pages from the admin area, then click the "Library" button.

To send an email or an SMS to your client go to the client profile and press the “Activity” button.


In order to create a Marketing Campaign you first need to create a marketing automation. To access the Marketing Automation you will need to click on the "Automation" button from the menu:

Once you have clicked on this button, this menu should appear:

Here you will be able to see all the different marketing automation that you have created. You can see each individual automation by clicking on the "Conditions" button :

Clicking on this button will take you to an automation tree such as this one:

Each automation tree starts with a trigger. A trigger refers to when a certain action has been met. For example when a customer books an appointment. Clicking on "Booked Appointment (booked status)" will allow us to see the different triggers.  This is the window that will appear when we click on the trigger:


In here you are able to see the condition that will trigger the automation. For each condition we have different options. For the "Booked Appointment (created date)" condition we can select the appointment status and we can select for which services we want this automation to be applied.


Moving on, the next element that we have in the automation that we have used as an example earlier on is a condition:

The way this works is that the software checks if the customer booked an appointment. If the customer books an appointment in the time period of 3 days after they have booked their first appointment, then the automation will end since the customer  "went" to the "Yes" branch.





However, if the customer doesn't book an appointment in 3 days time, the "no" branch will be used to send an SMS reminder to the customer since they didn't meet the condition. After the SMS reminder has been sent to the customer, a task will automatically be created for a member of staff to call that customer.