There are two types of business accounts:

By default you have a primary user account from which you have full access to the software and run the setup.

When you are logged into your primary business user account you can access additional pages from this control panel, log into all of your locations without the staff PIN and use all the options from the admin area section of the software.

This is done in order to prevent you being locked out of the software.

 you wish to limit the access for the locations (which locations each staff member is able to access) and the admin area section of the software (the staff permissions are applied when logged in from a secondary business user account) you can create a secondary user or you can open a ticket to our support department and our team will do this for you.

In oder to add a secondary account open the "Business users" page and press the 'Add Secondary Business User' button.

The staff members will use the same password, however, each staff member has an unique PIN. 

Please see below an example of a secondary business account.